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The Fed's New Rule on Originator ... - The Mortgage Professor
Feb 17, 2011 . Since the new rules say very clearly that compensation to a broker cannot be based “on a mortgage transaction's terms”, and since YSP is .'s%20New%20Compensation%20Rules.html

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Commercial Loans | Commercial Mortgages | Commercial Loan ...
Commercial Loans | Commercial Mortgage Loans. YSP Loans is a division of Griffin Capital Funding; we are a secondary market lender specializing in owner .

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Median credit plus or minus: $75,000
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Finding & Fighting Predatory Lending | Hidden YSP | Subprime ...
Oct 28, 2010 . Did hidden YSP or kickbacks, subprime steering, excessive . with subprime mortgages could have qualified for loans with better terms.

Population 14,005
Square Miles 285.36
Population Density 49.08
Median Age 37
Median Household Income $49,876
Per Capita Income $21,928
Median Rent $436
Percent Renters 13%

RESPA 2010: YSPs, the New GFE and Lender Credit to Borrower ...
Jan 1, 2010 . Once the mortgage broker has established their origination charge, any increase in the YSP thereafter will redound to the borrower's benefit and will . Based on the initial terms of the loan program selected and for which the .

3 bed, 1872 sqft, $299,950

How Do I Understand the Mortgage Rate Sheets? | Home Guides ...
The longer you lock the rate for, the less YSP will be paid. The mortgage company usually will show these lock terms on the rate sheet. Add or subtract the .

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3 bed, 1508 sqft, $139,900

Yield spread premium | The Truth About
The definition of yield spread premium in relation to mortgage lending. . “Yield spread premium,” or YSP as it's known in the industry, is the fee (commission) . payment and pay much more interest throughout the duration of the loan term.

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4 bed, 3700 sqft, $299,950

What is YSP and how does it affect my loan? | Mortgage Reference ...
MORTGAGE REFERENCE LIBRARY . YSP is short for Yield Spread Premium and is used by broker to make a profit or . Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions.

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Lot, $9,900

Originator Compensation and the Fed Rule ... - Calyx Software
-1.5YSP at a rate of 4.5% and that is what is disclosed on the GFE. The day . (3) The Mortgage Loan Originator income will not be based off of the terms of the .

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Yield Spread Premium Definition | Investopedia
A form of compensation that a mortgage broker, acting as the intermediary, receives from the original lender for selling an interest rate to a borrower that is above .

YSP - SRP - banks versus mortgage brokers - facts versus fiction ...
May 13, 2010 . If you've been following the news the last few years, you should be very familiar with YSP (yield spread premium) - fees paid to mortgage .

Mortgage YSP
Mortgage Yield Spread Premium (YSP) is a little known fee paid by lenders to any . when the Federal Reserve lowers short term interest rates mortgage interest .

Yield spread premium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A yield spread premium (YSP) is the money or rebate paid to a mortgage . understand that the term 'originator' refers to either a retail bank or mortgage broker.

2 Bedroom Rental Median Price: $850
3 Bedroom Rental Median Price: $1,250
4 Bedroom Rental Median Price: $1,050

The Pedagogy of Mortgage Prepayments - Monfort College of ...
to the average consumer, and (b) examine the nature of the YSP. . very helpful given the large probability that the full term of the mortgage would in fact be .

3 bed, 1400 sqft, $1,195

What Is the YSP in a Loan? |
The YSP is often the only money a mortgage broker makes. . Working on margins, there are times a mortgage broker will offer you a mortgage with . Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the eHow Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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4BR/2+1BA Single Family House - Acquinton

A Guide to Yield Spread Premium - Zillow Advice
Nov 20, 2008 . Mortgage brokers will often refer to this term as YSP. Many people don't really understand the whole "YSP thingy." This article will hopefully .

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Single Family Detach, Ranch - West Point, VA

Eliminating Yield Spread Premium Abuse - Mortgage Professor
Yield spread premium abuse by mortgage brokers is collecting a rebate from the . A rebate retained by the broker is called a “yield spread premium”, or YSP. . BASED ON TERMS- No mortgage originator may receive from any person, and .

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3 bed, 2.0 bath, $1,300

HUD and Yield Spread Premiums - Mortgage Professor
For example, a lender offering a 7% 30-year fixed-rate mortgage at par might offer . Furthermore, the exact amount of the YSP is not known until the terms of the .

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Discount Points vs. Yield Spread Premium - Mortgage Wiki ...
Yield Spread Premium is a form of compensation paid to a mortgage broker from the . This is because a broker's compensation is typically comprised of either YSP, . amortized at the agreed interest rate and loan term (10, 15, 20, 30 years).

Yield Spread Premium YSP - Get Your Best Mortgage Rate
Ask Kate: Yield Spread Premium (YSP) - Why doesn't my mortgage broker give . Agreement which discloses your locked rate along with the terms of the lock .

May 14, 2012 . Mortgage Industry Commentary: RIP YSP? . rate and other terms of the loan, which effectively wipes out loan steering, and as I mentioned kills .

Studio For Sale Median Price: $99,900
2 Bedroom For Sale Median Price: $182,000
3 Bedroom For Sale Median Price: $179,950
4 Bedroom For Sale Median Price: $249,950

1 The Pedagogy of Mortgage Prepayments: The difference between ...
“negative points” or “YSP”) as well as to provide a methodology that allows for a simple, but very useful quantitative evaluation in terms of a holding period for .

4 bed, 3200 sqft, $229,000

New Mortgage Broker Law Aims to Save Home Buyers Money ...
Feb 27, 2011 . And the higher the rate and more onerous the loan terms were for the borrower, the higher that YSP would be. Can you say "backwards?" .

House for Sale
Single Family Detach, Traditional - West Point, VA

What's The Point? An After-Tax Analysis of Negative Mortgage Points
the loan's term via a higher contract rate of interest. Quite often the lender pays the mortgage broker's compensation at closing through a YSP, and then recovers .

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3 bed, 2.5 bath, 1890 sqft, $170,000

Mortgage Points Versus Rate Payback |
When a mortgage originator closes a new loan, typically both the borrower and the lender pay . How do YSP and points affect the cost of financing your home? . Depending on the loan program and terms, one point may only equate to a 0.25 .

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97 Shelby Court, Aylett, VA 23009

Final Rule on Loan Originator Compensation | MetFund
Yield spread premiums (YSP) are commissions that mortgage loan originators . to assure themselves that they are being offered competitive mortgage terms.

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California Trial Court Throws Out Lawsuit Challenging Wholesale
First, the plaintiffs alleged that the payment of the YSP violated the terms of the . Second, the lender's practice of paying mortgage brokers compensation for .

Why Oh Why YSP? Why Mortgage Brokers Can Price Better
Oct 26, 2007 . Continuously bombarding mortgage brokers as useless middle persons . We will get to that I assure you but here we are at YSP's place. . Why Are 30 Year Mortgages the Most Common Term Choice for Home Loans?

Should you sue your lender? - MSN Real Estate
It will take careful examination of all your mortgage documents to get started. . " The bottom line is, are you in a loan that you can't afford, and were the terms of . the lender and the broker waited until the last minute and disclosed the YSP in .

3 Bedroom New Home Median Price: $129,900

Dodd-Frank Bill: Payments to Mortgage Originators And Steering ...
Jul 9, 2010 . The key definitions used in the Mortgage Act are “mortgage . for such a loan ( inclusive of advising on loan terms, preparing loan packages, . A mortgage originator may not receive any origination fee, whether or not a YSP, .

3 bed, 3.0 bath, 1520 sqft, $129,900

Federal Reserve prohibits YSP compensation starting April 2011
Oct 15, 2010 . Consumers will save thousands of dollars on a mortgage. . receiving compensation based on a borrower's interest rate or other loan terms.

New Apartment for Sale
3 bed, 3.0 bath, 1520 sqft, $129,900

Broker2Banker — Mortgage Banking Made Simple
Apr 5, 2011 . For many brokers and other loan originators, YSP has become a common . among other things, advising on residential mortgage loan terms, .

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Yield Spread Premium - Legal Definitions Legal Terms Dictionary ...
A yield spread premium (YSP) is a payment made by a lender to a mortgage broker in exchange for that broker's delivering a mortgage ready for closing that is .

Yield Spread Premiums a Scam?
Jan 19, 2008 . This article's purpose is to explain YSP in pure mathematical terms to hopefully help borrowers ask their mortgage broker informed questions.

YSP and Originator Compensation Tuesday, October 27, 2009 - NAMB
Oct 27, 2009 . What should mortgage brokers be looking for from. NAMB on this issue of YSP? Denise Leonard: What we're doing right now in terms of the .

2 Bedroom Foreclosure Median Price: $68,400
3 Bedroom Foreclosure Median Price: $149,900
4 Bedroom Foreclosure Median Price: $142,034

Diagnosing Consumer Confusion and Sub ... - Stanford University
to charge borrowers for origination services in part through higher interest rates. B. Bargaining over mortgage terms. The YSP lets the home-buyer borrow funds .

3 bed, 2.0 bath, $99,900

Mortgage Brokers Cost You More Money
It's a polite term for a kickback. Mortgage brokers have claimed periodically that the YSP is a consumer benefit because borrowers could pay less upfront in their .

House Foreclosure
3 bed, 2.0 bath

California Trial Court Throws Out Lawsuit Challenging Wholesale
Litigation challenging lender payments to mortgage brokers is not new. . a particular loan with particular terms, which included the payment of a specified YSP.

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Banning YSPs could mean mortgages are fewer and farther between
Apr 1, 2011 . If the ban goes through, will we be putting mortgage brokers out of business? . In this way, the wholesale mortgage lender can offer a rebate--the YSP--to the . on a mortgage based on the loan's interest rate or other terms.

Apartment Foreclosure
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Dealing With Yield Spread Premium Abuse - The Mortgage Professor
A yield spread premium (YSP) is a rebate paid by a wholesale lender to a mortgage broker or correspondent lender on a mortgage carrying a interest rate above .

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FEES - Different lenders have different terms, this is a list of typical fees. . Document Preparation. Yield Spread Premium (YSP) - Paid to Mortgage Broker .

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